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This was an 8 day Andante Travels tour, with most of the group from the UK.  Due to flight schedules, Margaret Grant and I left Colorado on the 11th, had rooms near Heathrow on the 12th, and flew to Prague with the rest of the group on the 13th.  Since we had an earlier departure than most of the UK group, we avoided needing a second pair of rooms on the way home; fortunately the last day was a “free morning” so we didn’t actually miss anything.

The photos are "geotagged".  This adds GPS data (latitude, longitude, elevation, etc.) to the photo metadata, just as the camera brand and model, date and time, exposure info, etc. are automatically recorded by the camera itself.  Therefore, you can see exactly where each photo was taken, usually to within a few meters.  The “Photos” links don’t show the geotagged information, but Google’s Picasa web site does an excellent job with geotagged photos, including integration with Google Maps and Google Earth.

The photos here are not edited, except for the GPS info, though some would benefit from some adjustments.  They’re size-reduced for the web, but I’d be happy to send you individual photos or a DVD with the full-resolution photos.

The itinerary here and on the per-day pages is adapted from the Andante briefing materials, with the addition of the “Photos” and “Picasa” links to the photo galleries for each day.

Czech Republic - An Architectural History of Bohemia

Wednesday 13 — Wednesday 20 June 2012

Day 1:  Photos  Picasa

Fly from London Heathrow to Prague with British Airways, arriving 15:05. Transfer by private coach to Cesky Krumlov. Overnight in the Hotel Dvorak in Cesky Krumlov.

Day 2:  Photos  Picasa

Explore Cesky Krumlov, a World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Bohemia. Free afternoon or excursion to Holasovice (or in morning of Day 3). Overnight in Cesky Krumlov.

Day 3:  Photos  Picasa

Morning in the fine Renaissance centre of Trebon. On to the Romanesque castle of Landsteijn. Afternoon in Slavonice, a village on the former Iron Curtain border with remarkable 16th century graffitoed houses. Continue to Telc, to our two hotels, the Celerin & Telc Cerny Orel.

Day 4:  Photos  Picasa

Visit to Telc Castle and St John’s Church followed by a free afternoon in the exquisite town of Telc, all of which is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Overnight in Telc.

Day 5:  Photos  Picasa

Drive to Kutna Hora in the Bohemian plain whose silver mines made this one of the richest towns in Europe, with a cathedral (of St. Barbara) justly described as one of the finest Gothic churches in Europe. Continue to Prague via the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Overnight in the Hotel Constans.

Day 6:  Photos  Picasa

Prague on foot, "the city of a hundred towers"- probably the best preserved capital of Europe. Wander through the narrow streets of the Lesser Quarter with its Baroque and Renaissance houses, palaces and gardens. Tour of Prague Castle. Independent dinner and overnight in Prague.

Day 7:  Photos  Picasa

Full morning in Prague visiting the Old Town and Romantic Jewish Quarter. Independent lunch and free afternoon in Prague. Overnight in Prague.

Day 8:

Free morning in Prague with independent lunch. Transfer to the airport for the 15:50 flight home to London Heathrow.

Czech Republic 2012
June 13 - 20, 2012