Hudson River Foliage 2021


This was another American Cruise Lines cruise, postponed of course from 2020.  The captain, first officer, and several passenger-facing officers were familiar from recent cruises.

The photos on each page are geotagged, so if you care you can see where each was taken, usually to within a few meters.  I haven’t edited them except to add GPS data to those not geotagged in-camera.  The photos have been size-reduced for the web, but I’d be happy to send you full-size individual photos, or a DVD with all of the photos.  I’ve also added a map showing where each day’s photos were taken.

I had a few technical issues resulting in various photo shapes (4x3, 16x9, square, etc.)

To see the photos for each day, use the links at the top of each page.  On most pages, I’ve excerpted some of the ACL verbiage; the ACL website has full information on the ports and excursions.  My own comments are in [brackets].

This was a foliage cruise along the Hudson River, starting and ending at the lower end of Manhattan.  We saw lots of river, not so much foliage; I guess it hadn’t peaked yet there.  The cruise and excursions were great regardless.
October 8-16, 2021