Music Cities 2022

This was another American Cruise Lines river cruise.  It was my first time on the American Jazz, one of ACL’s “modern” riverboats.  Portions of the cruise duplicated earlier cruises, but the Cumberland River was new, as were arriving in Nashville by ship and going to the Grand Ole Opry in their current location.

Details on the cruise and excursion options are on the American Cruise Lines website.  I’ve included their descriptions in italics for the excursions that I actually did, usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The photos on each page are geotagged, so if you care you can see where each was taken, usually to within a few meters.  I haven’t edited them in any way.  The photos have been size-reduced for the web, but I’d be happy to send you full-size individual photos, or a DVD with all of the photos.  I’ve also added a map showing where each day’s photos were taken.

Most of the photos were taken on my iPhone, and a few on my Sony compact camera.  The iPhone has a great camera, but sometimes it’s hard to see the screen outdoors, and/or the Sony has 25x optical zoom.

To see the photos for each day, use the links at the top of each page.

August 12-21, 2022