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We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the caves, churches, museums, etc., so mostly these are exterior shots.  Some show the signs identifying where we were, readable or otherwise, and some are mostly just the scenery, which was very green and further along than our Colorado foliage.

The itinerary text on the photo pages was copied verbatim from the Andante Travels web page.

I haven't retouched any of the photos, though some could be improved with some contrast/brightness tweaks.  But if you do that, you can never get back to the original photo.

I used two cameras.  Pictures which start "HPIM" are from my HP Photosmart R967 camera; those starting with "IMG" are from my Canon PowerShot SD600 camera.  I thought it would be interesting to compare the results from the two cameras.  Somehow the Canon camera didn't get set to the correct time zone, so the Canon photos are off by 8 hours.

Pyrenees Cave Art - June 2007